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To create a brighter  tomorrow for our students by overseeing the actions of the school system and support the process in ways that ensure the best possible outcomes.


To equip every student with the skill and passion to be competitive, contributing members of the future inclusive world in which they will live and work. 

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core   values


 I strive to be open as I listen and seek to understanding the viewpoint of all community members even if they appear contrary to my own viewpoint.  I value the diversity that makes Alexandria unique and I am genuinely interested in the culture and perspectives of others.



I recognize that we live in an ever changing global society and that it is important to break down barriers that directly and indirectly cause students to feel inadequate.  I realize that the path to empower each student to become motivated to succeed starts with acceptance and validation.



Empowering means to equip and support students and their families to be engaged in the learning process.  It includes increasing awareness and understanding that we all have a shared responsibility for improved student academic achievement.  I therefore believe that self-advocacy needs to be taught, respected and encouraged.



It is our responsibility to think beyond what we believe our children will need to know and understand to be successful in today’s society.  We have to be forward thinking and prepare them to be successful in the world that awaits them in tomorrow’s society.  We need to ensure that our curriculum teaches critical thinking skills at all levels and has the rigor necessary to help children pull from prior knowledge to solve new problems in innovative ways.



It is the role of the board to ensure that the actions of the school system result in positive outcomes and lead toward a continuous trajectory to school improvement.  Insisting on having and reviewing multiple data points to provide adequate progress monitoring in all aspects of the organization is a must.  Long range goals and targeted action plans are necessary, but consistent progress monitoring of measurable outcomes is the key to continuous growth.

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