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ACPS Profile of Years


  • George Washington Jr High School  BD/ED Teacher


  • Freshman Basketball Coach

  • JV Basketball Coach


  • Minnie Howard Ninth Grade Center


  • Central Office Student Services Special Education Coordinator


  • Douglas MacArthur Elementary School Assistant Principal


  • Cora Kelly School for Math and Science Assistant Principal


  • Minnie Howard Assistant Principal


  • James K. Polk Elementary School Principal


  • Principal of the Year 2020

  • 2019 Board of Education’s Highest Achievement Award

About PreePree

Building a Brighter Tomorrow for Our Kids

PreeAnn recently retired as Principal of James K. Polk Elementary School after 37 years of service to ACPS.  She started at GW when it was a Junior High School and coached the undefeated Prixies to a Freshman District Championship with Petey Jones by her side as the Assistant Coach.  She joined ACPS as a special education teacher in programs for students with emotional and behavioral challenges. During her tenure, she served as a Special Education Coordinator in Central Office,  as well as an Assistant Principal at MacArthur, Cora Kelly, and Minnie Howard.

PreeAnn is the mother of Lorraine Johnson, the 2020-2021 student representative to the ACPS School Board.  She hopes to follow in her daughters footsteps as she pursues her Communications Degree at the University of Texas in Austin.  Family is extremely important to PreeAnn as she has four sisters, one brother and many nieces and nephews whom she is very close to.  Her dad, a retired Air Force Sergeant, mother a retired teacher, live in the Northern Virginia area. Within this family, she has three family members in ACPS, a sister who teaches Art and two nieces, a teacher and a guidance counselor.  Another niece works in Fairfax as a teacher of students with Autism.  Mom started it all, but commitment to education just runs in her blood - AND IT SHOWS!

What Do People Say

Kathleen D.

The school board would be lucky to have such a star in their midst: smart, knowledgeable, experienced with all levels and needs of children and easy to work with..She is a gem.

David C.

The ever-ready bunny of education

Gail L.

You’ve had such a tremendous influence over me- especially as a first year teacher in ACPS all the way back in 2001. You would be an incredible asset to the board.

Lorraine & Becky

Enjoy PreeAnn's Retirement Tribute from Daughter and God Daughter